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Enhancing Metro Detroit’s outdoor beauty with expert landscaping and maintenance services for both residential and commercial locations.

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Elevate your Metro Detroit lawn’s health and beauty with our top-tier lawnspraying services. Our expert team specializes in customized treatments that ensure lush, vibrant greenery year-round.

Mosquito Control

Say goodbye to pesky mosquitoes in Metro Detroit with our highly effective mosquito control services. Our proven methods will create a comfortable, bite-free outdoor environment for you to enjoy all season long.

Shrub Care

Elevate the allure of your Metro Detroit landscape with our expert shrub care services. Our dedicated team specializes in nurturing and maintaining lush, vibrant shrubbery to enhance your property’s curb appeal.

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New Beginning Landscaping 

We have over 30 years of landscape experience in the Metro Detroit area. We treat your lawn like it’s our own. Our team of landscaping professionals work to provide the best care specialized for your lawn. Contact us today for a free lawn consultation. 

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Certified Experts

Our certified professionals have over 30 years of landscape experience in the Metro Detroit area.

Quality Services

We care about our reputation and the quality of our work. We make it our top priority to care for your lawn.

Affordable Pricing

Caring for your lawn shouldn’t have to break the bank. We work with our clients to provide the most affordable solution to your lawncare problems.